Concert or Lever Harp - Beginner to grade 5

Cover illustrations for the Animals series by Amos Stempel

Magical Animals on the Harp

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Joyce is given a wonderful harp by her grandmother. The new harpist follows her through exercises and little pieces leading to the 5 Magical Animal compositions which span five grades.

Title Approx. Grade Play Piece
Hello Harp beginner
Good Night Harp 1
Glow Worm 1
Baby Bumble Bee 1
Money Spider 2
Dragonfly 1
Dinopaur Lullaby * 1 - 2
Phoenix 2
The Dance of Danny's Dragon 3
Five Winged Ponies 3
Unicorn 4
Fairy 5

*This piece is a duet which is also in the Dinopaur Duet Book

Animals on the Harp

A suite of six easy harp solos playable on lever or concert harp. A favourite with students and teachers alike, Sue's first publication has been used on the exam syllabus here and abroad.

Title Approx. Grade Play Sample
Camel Train 2
The Happy Frog 1
Butterfly 2
Little Kitten Come and Play 2
The Frolicking Lambs 2
Seagull 3

The Dinopaur Duet Book

Joyce's grandmother, having given her the Dinopaur Duet Book, explains the coming-about of Dinopaurs and how above all they love music and dance.


Comprises four simple duets for lever or concert harp, one of which is also in the Magical Animals book.

Title Approx. Grade Play Piece
Baby Dinopaurs Play 1 - 2
Dinopaur Lullaby 1 - 2
Plod of the Dinopaurs 3 - 4
Dinopaurs Skipping down a Country Lane 3 - 4