Music Index

The following harp pieces are on the new 2016-19 Trinity Exam Syllabus:

Initial Grade ~ Glow Worm from ‘Magical Animals on the Harp’
Grade 2 ~ The Frolicking Lambs or Butterfly from 'Animals on the Harp'
Grade 4 ~ Unicorn from ‘Magical Animals on the Harp’
Grade 5 ~ Dance of the Young Swan
Grade 6 ~ Solitude from 'Three Moods'
Grade 8 ~ Joy or Reminiscence from 'Three Moods’

Click on a book below to hear samples

  • Little Dance

  • Look at all the Pretty Lights

  • Lulla Lulla Lullaby

  • Magical Animals on the Harp

  • The Maiden and the Sailor

  • Sweet Childhood

  • Three Moods